Summer Beach Waves

The weather is getting hot and summer is right around the corner! During the warmer seasons, I like to spend less time heat styling my hair. Instead, I like to have a more playful, tossed look that makes me feel like I've been at the beach all day. Embrace your natural hair whether you have wavy hair or curly hair. While you're at it, throw out your hair brush! Trust me on this one, you'll love this easy, flirty and oh-so sexy look that's great for a day at work, grabbing lunch with friends or date night!

My go-to product for this look would have to be Garnier's Curl Shape Defining Spray Gel. This product can be ordered online or found at your local drugstore. It is easy to use, not messy or greasy. It doesn't weigh down your hair or make you feel like you have pounds of hairspray on your head. 

Here are a few tips when using the spray gel to get the best results:

  • Use on air dried hair. I like to shower the night before or day of and let my hair dry on its own. This way hair takes on its natural waves and/or curls.
  • Do NOT brush your hair! You heard me, put down the brush because all you'll need is your hands for this one.
  • Part your hair in three sections, clipping the front separately depending how you part your hair. This section will be blown out later.
  • Spray the curl defining spray gel on each section lightly, starting at the bottoms and use your hands to define your waves or curls. 
  • Repeat the same step for each section. Don't use too much of the product because it'll create a wet look instead of the natural waves you want.
  • Blow dry the front section or your hair and part it like you usually do.
  • Flip your head down and spray a light amount of Tremme Hairspray all over.
  • Toss your hair around with your hands, spray a light amount of hairspray to style the front of your hair where it frames your face.
  • Use a small amount of anti-frizz cream on any areas as needed.
  • Enjoy natural beach waves for the summer without applying any heat!

Let me know if you try these products and tell me how your look turned out!

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