Drugstore Must-Haves

Are you addicted to the newest makeup products? Are spending a bit too much of your paycheck on beauty essentials? Well, it's time to adjust your spending! New year, new habits, new products that won't cost a fortune and will have you looking fabulous. Take a visit to your local drugstore (Target, Walgreens, CVS) for lots of goodies at the fraction of the cost. 

Many people are hesitant to make drugstore purchases fearing there will be a drop in quality. This isn't always true, you can find some incredible quality products at drugstores. You don't have to replace all of your beauty products. What I suggest and have personally done myself is replacing those products I use daily, with less pricey alternatives. 

Here are a list of my favorite drugstore products. These less expensive alternatives are great and come highly recommended. Check them out for yourself today and tell me what you think! 

FOUNDATION | Maybelline New York

Thank goodness for this everyday alternative! Say bye-bye to pricey foundation with this product. Great coverage, long-lasting and enough color combinations for every skin tone!

Click to buy: Maybelline New York | Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation 


CONCEALER | Maybelline New York

A good concealer can be used for red spots, unwanted breakouts or under eye cover up. Try this inexpensive alternative to fancy brand names, you won't be able to tell the difference!

Click to buy: Maybelline New York | Fit Me Concealer


POWDER | L'Oreal Paris

Skip the foundation if it's not your thing and just jump to some powder. Apply with a brush or sponge. Light weight, with coverage you can build. Great for daily use, leaving your skin oil-free and healthy.

Click to buy: L'Oreal Paris | True Match Mineral Pressed Powder


BLUSH | Revlon

A great palette of colors to choose from for any skin tone. Use this product for a lovely pop of color and glow. It comes with it's own brush, so you can throw this product in your makeup bag and refresh as needed.

Click to buy: Revlon | Powder Blush




LIPS | NYX Cosmetics

Seriously, just buy one of each color! Fits nicely in any purse or makeup bag. Long-lasting, applies smooth and acts like a lip stain. May not look like it, but you can sharpen this lipstick.

Click to buy: NYX | Jumbo Lip Pencil



MASCARA | L'Oreal Paris

Tired of spending so much on mascara? Yup, me too! Next time you're in need of a refill, check out my go-to for years. Adds volume, length and is long-lasting.

Click to buy: L'Oreal Paris | Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara


EYEBROWS | Rimmel London

A good set of eyebrows can set the tone for your entire look. Eyebrow products can be costly, especially for everyday use. Try this product today for a quality look at a fraction of the price!

Click to buy: Rimmel London US | Professional Eyebrow Pencil


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