Tan Anytime

My fair skin doesn't like taking hits from the sun, nor do I want it to! I shy away from too much sun exposure because I want to protect my skin from future wrinkles, etc. I will admit to having jumped into a tanning bed or two when I was younger, but I'm smarter about my skin these days.

There are many products that can give you a sun kissed look in just minutes! Tanning products and spray tans work well if you have a base, this means natural sun exposure. This preps your skin so the product(s) used stay on faster and longer. However, if you're like me and want your tan for a night or the weekend, self-tanning is the way to go!

Do yourself a favor and buy an applicator glove in order to get the best results from your product. This glove allows for even distribution and makes things a lot less messy. Make sure to wash and dry your glove before reusing it again. 

Here are some applicator gloves you can use.

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Wash and exfoliate your skin, dry throughly and DO NOT apply any moisturizer. You want the product to absorb into your skin and not just stay on the surface. If you are on the go, apply a light coat, let it dry and get ready to hit the town! If you have some time apply two coats (letting each dry) and let it stay on your skin for 2-4 hours, then wash it off gently for glowing skin!

Here are my favorite self-tanning products.

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