Fake Those Lashes!

I'm all for a natural look, but sometimes even the most natural of us has to fake it! That's right, fake it from time to time with false lashes. Your eyelashes demand as much attention as your eyebrows when it comes to creating an eye catching look. Sometimes I like to throw on a pair of sultry lashes to create a dramatic look that has all eyes on my eyes! 

Like many other beauty products, there are tons of false lashes to choose. I've experimented with my own share over the years. I recommend false lashes that are comfortable and compliment your eye shape. 

Here are some tips for selecting the right pair of false lashes.

  • Individual Lashes | Great if you have round eyes and want to create a subtle almond shape.
  • Ends Only Lashes | Along with some eyeliner, creates a great cat eye look.
  • Wispy Lashes | Looks a bit more natural, darker at the base and lighter at the ends.
  • Dramatic Lashes | A full set of dramatic lashes creates a sultry look for any occasion.

Here are some of my favorite false lashes and go-to glue.

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