Clean Makeup Brushes

It's that time again, time to clean your makeup brushes! I know, I know... you become extremely lazy and put off this chore because your brushes can go a few more days uncleaned. Unsanitary brushes or makeup tools can mean trouble for your skin. So take time to throughly clean and dry your makeup brushes in order to avoid future skin imperfections. 

I like to wash my makeup brushes at least once a month, depending on their use. The best time to wash your brushes are after use in the morning or at night when you won't need them anyways. Make sure to dry your brushes fully before using them again.

Here are some steps to help with your next brush cleaning.

Pour a nice glass of wine and get ready for some cleaning. Here are my makeup brushes, uncleaned and ready for a wash. I also like washing my makeup pouch and letting it fully dry.

I got this travel roll-up pouch as a gift a few years ago and absolutely love it! My brushes never leave the pouch and it makes it easy for travel.

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BDelllium Tools | Travel Roll-Up Pouch

I've tried many types of brush cleaning products and honestly the best has been a good old fashioned bar soap. I love Olay, unscented bar soap because it effectively cleans my brushes and doesn't leave any scent when they dry. Grab a soap bar at your local drug or grocery store and give it a try!

Place the soap bar in the sink and run medium-warm water to start your cleaning. Take each brush and scrub it against the bar soap, alternating between soap and water. This process may be short or a bit longer depending on how dirty your brush is. Rinse with clean water removing the excess soap and dirt until you have a fresh brush. Lay your clean brushes on a towel and let them air dry. Enjoy your fresh makeup brushes and even better your healthy skin!

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