Mascara Must-Haves

Mascara changes the entire look of your makeup, not to mention it brings out your eyes. I used to spend so much money on mascara, until I discovered that drug-store brands work just as well! Mascara application is key to a perfect set of long, full lashes. You can create a very natural or dramatic look depending on the amount of product you use. 

Waterproof mascara is great for all day events such as weddings and water activities. The texture, size and shape of your brush will also determine the look of your lashes. A large, curved brush will create a full look. Whereas a thinner, straight brush will create a lengthy natural look. 

For a natural look, try these tips:

  • Don't curl your eyelashes.
  • Apply your mascara by sweeping the brush only on the outside of your lashes.
  • Don't reapply your mascara, this adds extra layers you don't want.

For a dramatic look, try these tips:

  • Curl your eyelashes.
  • Apply your mascara from the bottom upward, giving your lashes depth.
  • Take your mascara wand and apply from the inner portion of your eyelashes, near your eyelids.
  • Sweeping in an upward motion, this application adds definition and length. 

Here are my mascara must-haves, try them today and let me know what you think!