Ani Michele | Nail Polish

What better way to kick-off the weekend than a fresh manicure and pedicure! Although my nail salon has dozens of colors to pick from, most of the time I find myself walking in with my own bottle. This weekend I picked a vibrant and fun color from Ani Michele Nail Polish | Color: Orange You Ready?

These nail polishes are vegan friendly and cruelty free. Not to mention there are no harsh smells and your nails dry quickly, which is great for an impatient type like myself! 

Each comes with a message on the back that reads, "What goes around comes around. Keep the circle positive, peaceful & loving". Much like everyone else, finding balance and me time can be hard. When I take some time to get pampered at the nail salon, I feel energized and feminine.

Here are my tips for a flawless set of nails.

  • Buff, buff and buff! This makes for a smooth nail surface.
  • Make sure your nails are filed properly without any rough edges.
  • Apply color close to the cuticle. This helps it look fresh longer.
  • Don't dry your polish in front of a fan immediately. This causes bumps on your nails.
  • Let your polish air dry for a bit before getting close to any fans.

Free shipping on any three bottles purchased. These fun, vibrant and sexy colors are great for yourself or for a gift. Take advantage of this special offer and order your Ani Michele Nail Polish today!

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