A versatile blush (or two) should be in everyone’s makeup bag. Don’t be afraid of blush, instead get cheeky! The right blush can add a bit of contour to your face and give you an instant glow.

Use an angled brush to put on your blush. Brushing from the ends of your cheeks (near your ears) towards the middle for your face. Use the rounder part of the brush to highlight the apples of your cheeks.

Some tips for selecting the perfect blush color:

  • Know your skin type and base color.
  • Avoid glitter if you have larger pores.
  • Use a blush stick if you have dry skin.

Here are a few blush brushes you can choose from:

Click to buy: bareMinerals

Click to buy: Sephora

Click to buy: Signma

Here are a few of my favorite blushes for any season!