The key to a pristine makeup look is simple, blend! Invest in high quality makeup tools that will showcase your makeup at its best. If you haven’t already seen or heard of The Beauty Blender, take notes! This funny looking egg shaped sponge comes in many colors, sizes and shapes. Its purpose is to help blend your face makeup in order to create the most natural look.

So you’ve purchased your new beauty blender, but now what? I like to save the packaging to store my blender, whether at home or away.

  • Lightly wet the blender under some cool/warm water.
  • After my first initial use, I tend to get lazy and skip this first step.
  • Squeeze out the excess water.
  • Place desired makeup on it and use!

Applying makeup with your blender may seem tricky at first, but with the right techniques it’ll cut your getting ready time in half.

  • Place a small amount of liquid makeup (foundation, concealer, BB cream, CC cream) on the blender. You can also use this for your under eye makeup!
  • Make a few dots on your face and blend the makeup into your skin.
  • Use a light tapping technique until makeup becomes smooth and even.
  • Use the blender at the end to set your final makeup look using the same technique.

The beauty blender is not just for one time use, it can undergo several dozen uses before it’s gently washed and reused again. I like to let the blender fully dry after washing, so it doesn’t smell damp. After three washes, I would suggest purchasing a new blender.

  • Use warm/hot water to wash your blender.
  • Along with some makeup removing solution, face wash or good old fashioned soap.
  • Make sure to squeeze out all the excess makeup during your wash.
  • Use a towel to pat dry.

Happy Blending!

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